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Timothy Williams

My name is Tim Williams, and programming has been my passion since 2006.

I spent much of my earlier years working on independent video games and engines, taking on all roles of the software design process over time. Working primarily in C# using the Unity3D engine, I worked on many projects of varying sizes managing teams of artists and developers from all walks of life. During this time I gained experience running my own company and developing a few of my own video games.

With the recent leaps in Virtual Reality technology, I have been focusing on development for various VR platforms, as well as interactive theme park attractions. My experience in VR ranges from video games, to architecture development, to media review tools.

I've worked with Nickelodeon and many other popular studios bringing their ideas to life. My works have recieved many commendations, as well as various awards for technological breakthrough in the fields I've worked in.

I'm currently pursuing a bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University in my free time. However I still work full time while taking classes.
I've always loved what I do, and am constantly looking to broaden my horizons with new fields of work and study. So check out my works and awards below, and if you're looking for a young and dedicated programmer, look no further!


Unity 3D

Unity3D is a software development engine which is currently very popular due to the powerful tools it has to offer, and is my preferred platform for development.

I own a "Pro" license for Unity3D, which means I have access to features found in most AAA engines.

Wide Experience

Over my years in the field I've had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects in various positions. I've had experience as the lead software engineer for many projects, I've handled software design, UI and UX design, project management, game design, and many aspects of managing small businesses.

Among other things, my experience includes: Unity3D development, VR Application development, C#, Shaderlab, C, C++, Javascript, .NET, PHP, HTML, CSS, Multiplayer Networking, and I have minor knowledge in SQL and ASP.NET.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a rapidly expanding field with many applications which I have significant experience in. I have experience developing for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR platforms.

I own an Oculus Rift developers kit 1 and 2, which are headsets used for playing VR applications.

Awards & Achievements

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